Poler Stuff: Rainbro Pattern Products in Stock Aug 18, 2014


After the Oregon Outback, Benji at Poler showed me the sample tents, covered in his new “Rainbro” pattern, I lost my shit. Poler’s making some big moves in the next few weeks, some of which involves The Radavist, so stay tuned. Til then, head over to Poler and see all the new products – One Man Tent, Two Man Tent and Napsacks – covered in “Rainbro”…

Seriously, this is amazing guys!


  • naisemaj

    god that’s awesome, I can’t go to their website without wanting one of everything though

  • charlesojones

    6″x18″ and 5.5 pounds for a one-man tent?

    • It’s definitely a car camping tent but the quality is great, it’s roomy for a one-man tent and they’re super easy to set up.