This is Peaty – Shredding and Partying Aug 2, 2014

There is no denying it, Steve Peat is rad. He has been racing at the top of the sport and along the way he has helped along countless juniors, continue to shows up to support his local scene, and can still party.

  • scott

    the radavist is already the top cycling spot on the web. If you start consistently posting content from the best niche in the sport (WC Downhill racing), like the recent Brosnan and Peaty edits, I think your site might explode.

    • It’s all up to kyle von hoetzendorff. He’s been posting these. I’m so stoked too – now I just need more author designation so people know who is posting what.

  • Harry

    Peaty is cool, but I watch these for Ratboy