Paul Component: Motolite Brakes Aug 20, 2014


In a world that focuses on “grams” and “actual weights”, Paul Components just focuses on making their products work better-er. Case in point: they’ve merged their two mountain v-brakes into one, clean package. Meet the new Motolite:

“The power, modulation, durability, and ease of service is all there but the pads now have an extended range so a 26″ wheeled frame can be converted to 650b or 700c. Made in our shop to exacting tolerances, there is nothing else out there that even comes close. Yes, disks are here but think about all the beautiful frames made for these in the last 25 years. Keep ’em shreddin’!”

Amen! Check out more at Paul!

  • Raoul Morley

    Ace brakes, so much opportunity to really tune the set up just so!

  • Richard Smith

    Love the versatility

  • Jamie McKeon

    love the copy

  • Tom

    Nice to see Paul continuing to refine their rim brakes while everyone else seems to be so focused on discs. These look great.