The Official 2014 Red Hook Crit Barcelona Prize Bike Aug 14, 2014


Jonah Birns designed this insane Red Hook Criterium Cinelli Vigorelli prize bike for the RHC Barcelona. Personally, I think this is one of the best looking RHC bikes to date.

Check out a few more photos below, including bike assembly process shots by Barceloneta Bikes.







  • mywynne

    Those cranks! I mean, of course everything else, but man, those are the icing on the cake.

  • recurrecur

    I’ve never understood these “prize bikes.” This bike looks really nice and all, but what if a really tall, or really short person wins?

    • Then they make one in their size

    • they paint 3 framesets of different sizes and swap out all the parts to the correct size. Then they sell the other 2 frames for a ridiculous amount of money.

      Not that it matters.. They never ride the bike

  • Minh Nguyen

    Never understood why gatorskins are so popular on track crit bikes. It’s rare to see them at any road crit. You’d think race wheels would have race tires. cool bike though

    • it’s because pedal height limits cornering speed (in the dry) and not grip

      • Minh Nguyen

        Makes sense. But even in a straight line GP 4000’s feel so much faster than gatorskins , but hey not my bike nor am I strong enough to win it.

    • Trevor

      People don’t usually have “track crit bikes” usually it’s either a street whip or a straight up track bike, and they probably won’t ride their precious track tires on the street, so they just keep whatever’s on their street whip, which is usually gators.

      • People most definitely so have track crit bikes / wheels.

      • Minh Nguyen

        that FFWD wheel set looks like some gnarly training wheel set lol

    • Walton Brush

      i use them because they are 25c and because they are not as flat prone as most other tubulars tires. when i travel to spain, italy, new york, la, london, or where ever these crits are, i end up riding on my race wheels all week and commuting around the city on them. it would be a bummer to either be racing or riding out there and get a flat. also if you don’t think they are good race tires, you should try them. maybe overkill for a velodrome but they rip, and stick, and cushion on pavement, cobbles, or dirt :)

      • I’ve never used the gatorskins on my crit bike, are they good in the wet as well?

        btw, gp4000s (II) come in 25c ;)

  • HspadA

    Hi, anyone can tell me wich chainring is that? thank you