Nutlock Security Skewers Aug 11, 2014


This is by no means the first proprietary locking skewer system on the market, but Nutlock puts a clever spin on the concept. Head over to their Kickstarter to find out more about these security skewers. Oh and yes, it doubles as a bottle opener wrench…

  • Mikey Ahdoot

    Thanks for the love guys! I’m a founder, if anyone has any questions let me know. I’ll just answer the most common one that always comes up, which is:
    What if a thief buys the key? – We’ve made many variations for each nut:key and are continually making more by the day. Additionally, each set is randomly packaged. All this makes it incredibly difficult for a thief to get his hands on all the different Nutlock variations

    • Daniel MacGibbon

      if you lose the tool, how does one get a new tool?

      • Mikey Ahdoot

        For backers, if you share the project on social media, we’re providing a second matching key for free when we ship out your package! Also, each key comes with a key code on the back – if you write this down and contact us, we can get you another matching key.

  • Lucas Hill

    Looks good, but how is your product different from this one?