Manual for Speed Wins the USA Pro Challenge Aug 27, 2014



How can a pair of photographers with journalistic tendencies win a race? Well they did. In my opinion anyway. Check out the final stage from the USAPC at MFS.

  • david__g

    They seem more concerned with showing how pally they are with riders than anything else.

    • There are more than enough “professional sport photographers” getting the pain face and finish line photos. I like MFS’ approach to documentation. It’s refreshing and takes the pros off the pedestal and back into the “real life people” light. IMO anyway.

      • david__g

        I certainly enjoy some of their stuff – I think just the last few weeks have seen a few too many selfies with big riders and not so subtle private joke references intended to show how close they are to certain riders. Maybe that’s why i prefer their crit/domestic coverage.

        • david__g

          All IMO obviously!