The Levi’s Commuter Workspace in Los Angeles

The idea of “free” these days usually comes with a catch, yet when the Levi’s Commuter Workshops popped up in Brooklyn, LA and London, free really does mean free. A free desk to work at, free bike repair / wash areas, free coffee, free wifi and yes, free tailoring. So what’s the catch? No, really, there isn’t one.

I’m in Los Angeles right now and I had to check out the Levi’s Commuter Workspace nestled off 5th street in DTLA. I didn’t have a lot of time, but Crystal Haggard showed me around in between fixing flats and pointing me towards the Bicycle Coffee cold brew keg. Which was free by the way. I mentioned that already, right? There were a few people utilizing the desks and window seating, along with commuters repairing or washing their bikes. All that for free.

If you’re in Los Angeles, make sure you swing from now until August 29th for a bit of free… And enter to win a custom denim Brooks Cambium saddle, for free.

The Levi’s Commuter Workspace
157 W 5th St
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Monday to Thursday 10 – 7
Friday 10 – 9
Saturday and Sunday 11 – 8

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    Wait, how much does this all cost?

    • Free thirty

      • Jonathan McCurdy

        I’ll have to make the trek over there this weekend… I do have some wrenching to do..


    Can we get one of these in Osaka please Levi’s? Pretty please?

  • Jesse

    Fun fact: Levi’s has had no US manufacturing presence since 2003. There is policy being discussed as to whether they are really a US manufacturing company or a Marketing/Wholesaler. That store looks awesome.

    • Yep…

    • Eddie Jacobson

      These facts are not fun at all. :(

  • Felix

    3 weeks only? they should keep that open during winter when bike maintainance and a nice place to hang with warm drinks would make much more sense. but i guess most of their customers have switched back to trains and busses by then. nice campaign though.