Knog introduces the Qudos Action Light Aug 4, 2014

Knog has branched out from the world of cycling lights and lamps to the [qudos] action lighting system. In short, it’s a light for your GoPro, but it can do much more:

“The [qudos] action is designed with GoPro HERO® aesthetics in mind. But it also works with other action camera’s like Sony Action Cam and Garmin VIRB that have conversion mounts. And with a cold shoe adaptor you can use it with your DSLR and tripod. Even in the day, the [qudos] action provides a great fill light for all cameras.”

For you GoPro enthusiasts and professionals, head over to Knog for more!




Knog even did a comparison video, showcasing shots made with the [qudos] and without.

  • TaylorSizemore

    This is sick. Keep going!!!

  • Los Falcon

    Looks awesome! Love having extra light for camera.

  • mobileman

    bought the first retail one in Australia and LOVE IT. Have already developed a goggle strap holder, a magnetic mount and other pieces. Knog fanboy and i am not a cyclist (much)

  • Allan U

    Mine arrived in the mail today – very cool – will be having a good play on the weekend.