Jonathan’s Falconer Cross

The grass is good and dead here in Austin. That means cyclocross season is nigh. Jonathan recently relocated from Omaha to Austin, at the height of the summer heat, to replace the wrench of my buddy Chris at Mellow Johnny’s.

Even though it’s well over 100 degrees here, Jonathan’s Falconer cross bike scorches the ground it traverses. This thing is molten lava and the paint even matches the dried, dead grass. I think this might be one of my favorite bikes I’ve shot this year.

Accent points are the Chris King Mango bits, orange PAUL Minimoto brakes and a nice sparkle clear coat. My favorite detail however are the seat stays and Solid’s tapered head tube to match the ENVE fork.

I can’t wait to see this thing at the races this season!

  • Perfect. The right mix of durability, utility and beauty.

  • Ham Sandwich

    interesting water bottle mount placement.

    • awesometown

      I was wondering about that. Maybe it makes the bike easier to throw over your shoulder?

    • Different builders have different ideas for water bottle placement on cross bikes. No harm done in experimentation.

      • Ham Sandwich

        no doubt. commonly you see them as close to the bottom bracket as possible so that you can shoulder it or run a frame bag. i think your geekhouse is set up like that, no? was just curious if there was reasoning behind the one on the DT, maybe the owner will chime in.

        this bike is extra sick. dont tell me not to drink beer. ill get as fat as i want to get.

        • LOL

        • miles whitmore

          Placement might be to make bottles easier to reach.

          • Johnny

            The rider probably has t-rex/cee-lo arms.

          • Johnny Burrell

            It’s likely they remove the bottle cages for races so they can shoulder the bike easier. That’s what I do with mine anyway…

        • h salinas

          Forward placement of the bottle is great. Surprised this is the first bike I’ve seen it on. Beer is for winners.

  • miles whitmore

    Awesome Awesome bike. I love falconers work. I’m never going to like the look of a tapered head tube but I guess that’s just modern times. At least it has rim brakes ;)

  • Liando

    Beautiful bike! Not sure if I’m a fan of tapered or beer can headtubes

  • Spencer Olinek

    Is the front hub pink? Or is that just the light playing tricks on me? Sick bike regardless.

  • Luke Myers

    Coffee bag is on point.

  • GioFio

    Killer bike, and a perfect build IMO. Those Challenge Fango’s are some of my favorite CX tires out there!

  • barry mcwilliams

    Does the coffee bag say “Barry”? That’s my name. I may need one of those bags!

    • PwetStar

      Might work anyway if you’re a barfly!

  • Eric Richter

    coffeeandeggs – so fricken’ stoked to see how things keep evolving. you’re doing good work man!

  • KT

    Such a beauty. I love the coffee saddle bag.

  • Brett Rothmeyer

    Bottle placement better suited for shouldering the bike without obstruction for hot summer cross in Texas, no?

  • AKKC

    In love with the bottle and bar tape!

  • This rules.

  • btdubs

    That über-low seat tube bottle placement. Because shouldering, yo!

  • adanpinto

    Nice bike…and a strong rider. I have the 1×10 set up with a 40T chainring in front and I find it sometimes hard. I guess to move that 44T off road you have to be a horsepower.

  • phil88

    When running 1×10 with hoods, do you do anything to the left shifter? or just leave it?

    • Johnny Burrell

      Yup, leave it without a cable. Alternatively you can buy SRAM levers that match, but don’t have the shifter bits. Not sure if they have a Red version though.

    • Ian Stone

      I run a Sram S900 lever instead of my Force lever.

  • Keith Gibson

    Seat bag FTW

  • So good it hurts!

  • James Moore

    straight bitchin from front to back. love it.

  • MartiniRacing

    I can’t belive that the shifters aren’t at the same high… What a mistake!!! Fortunatelly easy to fix

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    for those freaking for the coffee bag : Now buy me a vegan bureeeeeeeeeeeeto.

  • Dan Ling

    I gotta say I’m not a fan of the seattube cluster. The way the seat stays end seem kind of like an afterthought.

    • CruisinE2W

      Couldn’t agree more. That said, it’s seven days later and I can’t stop staring at this bike. Awesome!

  • Looks so good bud. I know how you love them Minimotos!

  • Ryan Kingkade

    I can tell you guys right now, that this bike is sick in every single way. I have seen it and touched it first hand and boy oh boy is it delicious! Great build, amazing frame and Jonathan is a killer dude to boot! Texas Forever!!!