Ian from Icarus Frame’s Personal True Temper S3 Road

As a frame builder, Ian Sutton of Icarus Frames has built many people their dream bikes. Road, track, cross, touring, light-touring and even a few mountain bikes. Most recently, he’s been building a lot of lightweight road frames with modern tubesets like True Temper’s S3.

Paired with Columbus’ oversized stays, Ian got to work on his own S3 frame. Since he doesn’t often build with this tubeset, he wanted to try it out for himself before recommending it to any customer for their own frame.

When he finished the frame, it went off to Circle A for paint and the locals here in Austin pitched in for some parts so he could get it rolling. Thanks to David from Nelo’s and Chris from Mellow Johnny’s for putting this bike together for Ian!

To top it off, Josh from Sparse sent Ian a set of lights to match.

Ian and I joked about hating our long head tubes, but that’s what we ride and for this being such a tall bike, I think it looks extremely well balanced. Now if I can just get him out into the hills!

  • Tyler Morin

    What’s the main difference in ride quality between True Tempers OX Platinum and their S3? I’ve seen/read about some frame builders using S3 but don’t know much about it.

    • Jose Gutierrez

      S3 is much lighter and the top and bottom tubes have special shapes (not round)

    • Oversized, shaped, much lighter and consequently much more difficult to work with.

    • Eric Baumann

      “ride quality” is pretty subjective and hard to measure…but the most notable thing about S3 tubing vs OXPlat would be S3’s strength:weight ratio, which is kinda off the charts. Its much lighter and stiffer than OX platinum and I would say (to use “ride quality” terms) yields a frame that feels very “lively” and “responsive” — retaining much of what we all love about the ride of steel in a lighter/stiffer package that can compete with modern aluminum/carbon offerings. Bottom line, its some of the nicest steel bicycle tubing currently available in the world today.

  • caliente

    Not enough 105 in our world.

    • Gavin Adkins

      I think the full 105 groupset has a really good look. I find it annoying when they swap out the 105 crankset on production bikes for FSA or some other black finished cranks. I mean, I know why they do it, but a complete groupset appeals to my desire for order.

      • Tom

        I agree. And I don’t know what it is, I just can’t stand FSA stuff and it always looks bad.

    • Tamaso

      Amen. It’s all (or more than) most of us will ever need in a group. Gets the job done.

  • Dig the “Sparse” lights in white.

  • James Moore

    even though I’m a self admitted super-fan of classic lugged frames, i always find myself shamelessly infatuated with Icarus frames, and this one is certainly no exception. beautiful. i would be willing to do less-than-legal things just to have one of those beautiful Icarus’ stems on my bike, like the one he created for the purple and white ‘sportiff’ he did with blue lug in japan. umfff. I’m quite surprised he didn’t use one of his own stems on his bike though.

    • Icarus Frames

      Hey James, I am glad you like my work! Its hard for me to justify spending a couple days making a stem for myself! I don’t mind spending a lot of time on work for other people but when it comes to my own gear I usually just want to get it done.

      • James Moore

        i love your work mate. saying its top notch, and just plain beautiful, doesn’t really do it any degree of justice. i can get where you’re coming from, about wanting to just get it done, and i kind of figured that may have been the thought process behind this build as it is a bit of a ‘tester’. keep up the incredible work man, your frames are incredible.

  • recurrecur

    Such a clean, no-nonsense build. Is that one of the Shimano CX cranks?

  • C_Acevedo

    Those Sparse lights look amazing.

  • c.a. metzler

    steel steerer spacers are a great touch, did you turn those Ian?

    • Icarus Frames

      Those are actually a couple Ti spacers from my days at Seven Cycles.

  • Justin

    How do I see past Beautiful Bicycles? I can only click on Reportage -> Beautiful Bicycles and then it only shows the three most current bikes.