Giro’s New Empire VR90 MTB Shoe Aug 27, 2014


Look, helmets are cool and all – they do save your life – but I still can’t get over how rad Giro’s new Empire VR90 shoes look. It’s like someone plucked my ideal MTB shoe from my brain and hit the print button.

Check out more color options and factoids at Giro. While you’re there. Poke around for more fall / winter 2014 releases…

  • IR

    Whoa, I love my Empire road shoes – might have to start MTBing just to get these!

  • Ted Barbeau

    Any idea on availability? I’m still tormented by missing out on the camo Empires.

    • Full-on production. i.e. not limited edition. Available late fall 2014.

      • Ted Barbeau

        Solid – they threw me off with the “availability: out of stock” designation. The orange colorway will match my mango tango Ventana pretty well :-)

  • david


  • h salinas

    It’s the mtb shoe I’ve been waiting for! thank you, giro

  • Rob X

    That new spd boot with the Vibram soles look great! Will try to cop.

  • Hey Giro,
    #crossiscoming, we need these shoes available ASAP!

    • Eric Richter

      Kyle – the Giro crew knows #crossiscoming and we’re busting ass to make this happen ASAP.

      • If you’d like to send me a pair for R&D I would gladly help out. Let me know Eric!

  • DougHan

    Throughts on them for cross?

  • Steve J.

    I love it ! This is my new pair of shoes for next time in XC riding ! Thank GIRO that they finally build the shoe in series !

  • Lovely. Will Giro take back a 6-month-old pair of Privateers as part-payment?

    • AttackCowboy

      I like the sound of this upgrade program.

  • Samuel Lopez

    Hope these hold up better than my camos :(

    • Eric Richter

      Samuel – can you please give me some more detail? Or contact Giro customer service so we can hear more. Thanks.

      • Samuel Lopez

        No worries. Being sent in.

    • Andre

      Did Giro help you out with those? Curious.

      • Samuel Lopez

        Yes. Best customer Service and I continue to wear giro only.

  • David Zabowski

    If only I could wear Giro shoes…somebody need to make shoes like this that fit my Shimano shaped feet!

  • AQP

    Does anyone know where to buy replacement laces for Empires? I can’t find any like them.

  • Rasmus Riemann

    Where do the laces go?

    • There’s an elastic lace loop that you use to hold the laces in place

  • cdelinks

    How is the shape of this shoe? I am hoping the laces will solve the issues I have with the upper straps being painful to close on the code and gauge on my feet…