No Garmin My Rules Shirts Aug 19, 2014


This one’s out there to up the punk! No Garmin No Rules’ latest shirt takes a spin on a classic Black Flag shirt. Scoop one up at No Garmin No Rules.

  • gilligoon

    Ripping off Raymond Pettibon is not Rad.

    • “Homage”

      • Jamie McKeon


      • looks good to me, the “IP” is a bit off though and simmer, “Guest” – I didn’t make the shirt. If you wanna piss somewhere, send them an email. xoxo

    • Sean Talkington

      …but is it Punk?

      • gilligoon

        that’s debatable… if it’s not DIY, it’s likely not punk. however, “black flag” in and of itself is an appropriation of both anarchist symbology and american corporate branding… so, IDK… DIY?

        • I just don’t think it’s worth getting bummed about. C’est la vie.

          …and certainly not worth posting potential hack portals to disrupt this website.

  • Wade Stevens

    This is awesome!

    an aside:
    Does anyone know why Jeremy Dean recently scratched out the Black Flag logo on the “We Can Discover the Wonders of Black Flag” I heard a rumor that Greg Ginn sent a cease and desist?

    • Wade Stevens
  • charlesojones

    I’ll I wanted was a Pepsi…

  • Boris Bikeman

    I only buy 50/50 Tees. Tell me it’s not 100 cotton.

  • overthebar

    Great T, wearing mine now in the UK