Firefly Bicycles: The Trusty Third Bottle Cage Aug 18, 2014



From here on out, any bike that goes off-road and could potentially find itself in the wilderness for an extended period of time with have a third bottle cage. They’re life savers.

Not to mention, I’d love to spend some “alone time” with this bike. See more at the Firefly Flickr!

  • Ham Sandwich

    where the fuck is YOUR firefly?

    • I’m in no hurry. Pretty broke right now…

  • D.J. Bolles


  • stefanrohner
    • I see you’re finally front-loading… ;-)

      • stefanrohner

        “finally” ? ;) ;) only need a third bottle cage now… Ad Vermaas? or 4?

        John, some Romania[email protected]/sets/72157645613676670/

        • stefanrohner

          and hoping Ad gets better soon and can ride his beautiful bike!

        • I recall you questioning why I said front-loading is the best and saying you only rear-load. :-)

          • stefanrohner

            no John, did not say “only”, said my frame is well balanced with rear load. rolling it makes no difference to me, out of the saddle yes. best S.

          • I’ll take your word on it, only because I can’t find the original commentary. ;-)

  • Spencer Olinek

    Fap fap fap.

  • Daniel Martins

    Nice Tractor.

  • Gorgeous bike! Any idea what that front rack is?

  • Ad Vermaas

    Thanks John! I would also love to spend some more “alone time” with this bike. It’s awesome and rides like a dream. Had a nasty #rubbersideup moment with it though…

  • Robert Mead

    where can i find those spacers?