Finally Heading Back to Austin Aug 25, 2014


Man, it’s been a busy, busy August. Lauren and I took a much-needed vacation. We had been apart this year more than ever before. With her working in Myanmar and me jet-setting all over the globe, we both needed a change of scenery.

Tonight I get back to Austin and I hit the ground running. Portland, Chico, Los Angeles and Vegas… Lots of projects are in the works and if it all goes as planned, it’ll be a great month on the Radavist.

I know I haven’t posted much this month, but I appreciate the support. From both the readers and the sponsors of the site.

See you at Interbike?

  • GioFio

    Interbike. The industry’s sausage fest. See you there!

  • Justin

    Oooo, next couple weeks are gonna be juicy! Can’t wait.

  • Nykolas Crovetto

    Hopefully see you at Interbike, I will be in my tie-dye Mountains of Madness shirt.
    This is my first year, I’m stoked. Also stoked for all the Radavist goodness.
    I hope Chico = Paul Comp… (with a little Sierra Nevada thrown in)