ENVE Hucks their Rigid MTB Fork into Stores Aug 18, 2014


Hell yes. If you’re looking for a way to lighten up your hardtail for expedition-style riding, check out the ENVE rigid 29’r fork. When my hardtail shows up, I’ll be trying one of these out for sure.

I love the removable mud fender and adjustable rake.

Wheel size: 29″
Weight: 711g w/fender, 686g w/clasps
Adjustable rake: 44, 52
Axle to crown: 470mm (44 rake), 472mm (52 rake)
Tire clearance: 88mm (3.46
Steerer: 1.125″ to 1.5″ tapered
Steerer length: 300mm
Rotor size: 160 or 180mm
Axle: ENVE 15mm thru

Order now at your local ENVE dealer and see more information at ENVE.

  • Tom

    No non-suspension corrected lengths :(

    • That’s such a small niche in the MTB world. I think if these sell enough, they’ll expand to other wheel sizes (most importantly) and other A-T-C.

      • Tom

        You’re right for sure, totally a small niche, but a 445mm version could also double as a suspension corrected fork for the 26er crowd (no idea how big that market is anymore though, I assume not very big). I just figure with so many custom builders spec’ing Enve forks, it might make its way to market for those buying dedicated rigid rides. Says the guy who still has QR skewers on all his bikes :)

  • Kevin Jeffery

    How does that adjustable rake work? I assume more rake for a more downhill-ish bike and less rake for a more XCish bike?

    • You can see it in the thru-axle – you just rotate the azle in the oblong opening for 8mm of difference.

    • naisemaj

      alot of newer frames are moving to a planned 52 rake in their geo, this lets you work with either of the two “standards”

  • naisemaj

    Pretty sweet fork, all in all, the fenders seem a bit dorky to me but I know they can be nice at times. and you can still rip on a rigid, not just expedition!