Elite Aug 26, 2014


See, when you race for Richard Sachs, you get a racing bike, not a training bike, so sometimes, you’ve gotta make due. Here’s one of Dan Chabanov‘s new House Industries-designed Sachs cross bikes in “training” mode.

  • chris campbell

    That awesome set up is Brittlee’s creation!!

    • I’ve seen that done on track bikes for years!

      • chris campbell

        Yeah, I didn’t phrase it right. I meant to say that was her bike with the set up!

  • dan chabanov

    Thanks for putting this up. I just uploaded a few more detail shots of my bike to Flickr.

  • Dobry

    I have this picture of the rider starting with 2 zip ties and then adding another in anger every time (s)he ejected a bottle. Just a funny image this brings up in my head.

  • Guy

    Yeah, cuz dem bosses weigh soooo much. RS got a little carried away there ATMO.

    • it’s not about them weighing anything, it’s less shit to catch yourself on when portaging the bike.

      • dan chabanov

        Also less work for him when he’s building all the team bikes.

  • Patrick Murphy

    wouldn’t a proper CX training cage be holding a beer?

  • adanpinto

    I guess for the price of one of these frames, someone would expect a more elegant solution, like this one: http://vincero-design.com/products/advantages/
    And, if for Sven Nys is fine to carry his bike with bottle bosses…

  • Frank

    … this pic of Richard’s own race bike with similar set up. (Captian and crew of Fram eating from the same enamel bowls)

    • Frank

      sorry … take two …