All-City Cycles’ Nature Boy Disc Now in Reynolds 853 Aug 28, 2014


This bike has single-handedly upped the game for All-City Cycles in my opinion. You get everything the Nature Boy had, plus disc brakes, a Whisky fork, Anna’s fancy dropout design and Reynolds 853. All that for $1,200 frameset or $2,250 complete. Available in November of this year.

See more at All-City. Congrats guys, this bike looks great!

  • Jeff Haye

    All-City kickin’ ass and taking names. They consistently put out quality at an affordable price and do it with style!

  • Keith Gibson

    That fade….

  • Ryan Combdon

    I can’t wait to ride the new 2015 Mr. Pink with the SRAM Rival group.

  • zuhair

    Now if we can just get a Mr. Pink in Reynolds 853!


    the chain slack these kinds of setups inevitably develop always makes me wonder : why not install a chainstay-mounted chain tensioner ? oh well.

  • h salinas

    Amazing stuff. Love how All-City has been doing it. Now if I could finally get my disc space horse…

  • btdubs

    This has been a rad, rad year or so for All-City. Kudos Jeff


    Just ordered one! Very stoked for this rig! The only thing I do not know is if this thing has hubs that use straight pull spokes or standard on the complete bike. Anybody know? Thanks!