Cielo Introduces the Sportif Road Aug 26, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.15.25 AM

Cielo is really striving to make better bicycles, not only in craft, but in their use:

“The Sportif is a refined combination of our Sportif Classic and Sportif Racer. With the introduction of our Road Racer we felt that there was too much of an overlap between the Road Racer and Sportif Racer. This overlap gave us the opportunity to redesign our Sportif models to create a bike that combines the best aspects of our Sportif Classic and Sportif Racer into one bike that personifies the Sportif ideal.”

See more of the Sportif at Cielo.

  • Adam Johnston

    That Turquoise Limited Edition is excellent.

  • zuhair

    I’m not seeing that much of a difference here. Is it just the same frame as the Sportif Racer, but with longer reach brakes?

  • MI

    Love those brakes! Great call for a bike like this.

  • Zuhair, you are right, we have combined the Sportif Classic and the Sportif Racer. Essentially the new Sportif is a Sportif Classic with the vertical dropouts found on the Sportif Racer.

    • zuhair

      Nice, this is hopefully going to end up being my next bike.

  • Richard Smith

    One of these with custom painted-to-match mudguards… dream bike material