Blue Lug Makes the Best Bags Aug 13, 2014



… like this Nap Pack. See more at their Flickr!

  • Smashing Maps

    For those not up on your Yen to US$ conversion rate, the Nap Pack it’s about US$ 92. I assume that does not including shipping. That said, it is a pimp looking pack.

  • Sean

    Ya, I agree that is pretty rad. Help me navigate their website though; is there North American shipping/distributor?

    • Ace Carretero

      Some one Prease Herp.

    • AttackCowboy

      Before Fairweather had a US site I was able to get a pair of their XC tire from Blug Lug by emailing them at store[at]

  • Buck Products is making pretty similar sacks (Way cooler IMO) right here in the US of A.

  • Seb T

    Yes. They should do a english version. Seriously…