Yeti Introduces the Switch Infinity System Jul 17, 2014

Yeti makes some phenomenal mountain bikes and now, they’re making them even better.

“SWITCH INFINITY is a Yeti Cycles patented design that allows unprecedented control of suspension kinematics. The end result — an extremely efficient pedaling platform without compromising small bump compliance. Point it down and the suspension switches to controlled and bottomless. FOX know-how makes the system bombproof and low maintenance.”

See more photos below and read up on Switch Infinity and the SB5c at Yeti.


New carbon trail bike model
New suspension platform called Switch Infinity that was co-developed with FOX
5″ (127mm) of travel
27.5″ wheel platform
Available to begin shipping immediately
MSRP on complete bikes starts at $6599




  • naisemaj

    this has got to be one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in suspension, as a design engineer I oogled at that for a while this afternoon; it really shows how far mountain bike tech has come that they put that kind of engineering into a moving virtual pivot system. go yeti, I don’t even think the price is that absurd!

    • Totally agree. I was pretty floored when I saw this.

    • Raving Elk

      as a design engineer, maybe you could explain how it works and why it works?

      • naisemaj

        I’m not a suspension or kinematic designer; I was more commenting on the amount of development I can see went into this thing. As far as I can understand, the creation of that inflection point (where the picot moves down instead of up) allows Yeti to tune the ride for different opposing characteristics, such as good pedaling efficiency low in the travel and good big hit compliance higher in the travel (as far as I do understand suspension design, this has been the kind of mythical beast that they’ve been searching after). Again, not a suspension designer, and most of this information is taken from other’s interpretations of the mechanism, I just appreciate the engineering ;].

  • Keith Gibson

    While I prefer my arc c, this looks like a sweet fs rig. Oh and that green is nice!

  • Raving Elk

    Can anyone explain what that thing does?