Ty’s Yonder Journal Brovet Raleigh Tamland 2.0 All-Road Bike

Yonder Journal‘s Brovets have both broken me and proved to be an ideal testing ground for products. Long, 200-400k rides will take their toll on equipment, especially when there’s dirt involved.

Ty is part-owner of Golden Saddle Cyclery, a shop in Los Angeles that was the starting point for Yonder’s Brovet 01. Back then, Raleigh didn’t have any real all-road options, but promised something ideal was on the way.

In 2014, Raleigh released the Tamland 2.0, an all-Reynolds 631 steel, disc-equipped “all-road” bike that comes stock with Shimano Ultegra. These bikes offer a burly, yet lively ride, loaded or unloaded.

When the road gets rough for long miles, Ty opted for the Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon seatpost to dampen the ride a bit and Bruce Gordon Rock n Road tires.

For the past few Brovets, Ty, Cole, Kelli, Daniel, Hahn and Moi all rode the Tamland 2.0 with a front SON Edelux upgrade. I like photographing bikes like this, because they show how a super simple upgrade can add a new level of functionality to a stock bike.

  • Sretsok

    Who makes that saddlebag/roll thing?

  • Jack Luke

    Flats? Whack bro.

    • Kyle Kelley

      You mad bro?

    • He commutes on it, bro. For long rides he uses clipless. This is the dude who did the Tour Divide and is a general bad ass… Don’t worry about his bike, just go ride yours.

      • Jack Luke

        Don’t fret! I’ve got mega respect for Kyle, he’s a super cool dude. I’m just surprised he’d flatted up for getting his new pony snapped. <3

  • Trevor H

    This is a great looking rig. I went a similar route with my Vaya Travel, but opted for the Cannondale Save seatpost instead due to its lack of a weight limit, where the Ergon post has a 220lb limit.. this reminds me I need to get my Dynamo laced to a new rim and rolling on the bike, commutes before the sun comes up will happen before long..

  • Lucasw3st

    Beautiful bike, love the seatpost design.
    Ergon CF3 Pro Carbon in case anyone is curious.

    • The post clearly states that! ;-)

      • Dobry

        I’d like to add that the bike is a Raleigh Tamland, just in case anyone was wondering.

  • Dobry

    I love this bike like I love lamp. Great set up and great pictures.

    Do you know if that’s the stock fork? If so, it looks way better here than in the pics on Raleigh’s site.

    I’m really torn between getting one of these, a Singular Peregrine, and a Soma Wolverine in the next year or so. Would love to hear some opinions.

    • Def a stock fork!

      • Dobry

        Well that’s very interesting indeed.

        • Yeah, they received these bikes direct from Raleigh…

          • Dobry

            This topic ended up getting more interest than I expected. Do you think you could ask Ty about it, since you have so much free time?

    • I was wondering the same thing. It def. isn’t the same as the one pictured on Raleigh’s site, that ones way curvier. I think this one looks a ton better.

      Also, I was comparing the Tamland and Wolverine too. I’m thinking of just getting the Tamland first, riding it a bit and then getting the Wolvering, moving parts over and deciding which one I like best from there.

      • Dobry

        Interesting idea. If you’re my size, maybe I can take the frame you reject off your hands. ;)

    • Tyler Howarth

      The fork pictured in this post is straight bladed. Definitely different from the Raleigh website – http://www.bikemastertool.com/media/bikes/3539/xlarge/RA14_Tamland-Two_red.jpg?1375830397

      • I haven’t seen one in a shop, so I don’t know but I do know these were straight from a production run.

        • Tyler Howarth

          Whatever it is – the straight bladed fork looks much better IMO. I’ll have to go to a shop to see one in person. Here’s another pic with the curved fork – http://gravelgrindernews.com/raleigh-tamland-two-final-review/

          • Dobry

            Maybe it’s a tweak for this or next year? The Tamland came out in ’13, right? And supposedly there weren’t any changes this year, but maybe this is going to be a (welcomed) under-the-radar change.

          • Dobry

            Also, are you the Ty who owns this bike?

          • Tyler Howarth

            nope! ha!

      • Doug M.

        yeah, Guitar Ted (who consulted on the frame design) has a stock T2, curved fork blades:

  • Brad curtis

    What is that light mount? I am looking to do the same thing

    • Trevor H

      Light mount looks to be from Supernova, their “Multimount.” They make the E3 headlight for dynamo systems. You can get it from Peter White Cycles or try to have your LBS order one in.. should run you about $18-20. Scroll down on the link below..


  • Josh Caffrey

    Rad bike! Thanks for the pics.

  • barry mcwilliams

    Damn that thing is so cool. We got us some good bikes & bike-folk in LA. And that Misfits roll is great.

  • Adam Hook

    Makes me want to sell my Warbird to get this. Love the full Ultegra. Any word on the TRP Hy/Rds?

    • Ace Metric Cycles

      Man, companies like Salsa are the ones taking the “risk” with progressive/somewhat ahead-of-their-time designs (similar to this). They launch rad set ups then, inevitably, the big companies more or less copy what’s been proven to sell. Not that I’ve noticed Raleigh execute that model as much as others but ya gotta respect the smaller guys having the confidence to launch “risky” bikes. To me, I see a Vaya here which Salsa has been doing for quite a few years already and, in my opinion makes this marginally less exciting. The Warbird is a bit of a different animal ie apples/oranges.

      Regardless, dope set up!

      • Salsa by no means paved the way for the “adventure” platform. If anyone did, it was Surly. But they’re both owned by QBP… Even then, those companies looked at the custom market for “inspiration.”

        • Ace Metric Cycles


          • … Not discrediting Salsa but this geometry is different too. Geometry matters more than tire clearances and accoutrement in my opinion.

          • Ace Metric Cycles

            … and it’s Reynolds 631! You going to Saddle Drive?

          • I’m going home finally! although it was tempting…

      • Doug M.

        Just putting this out there for the record. Raleigh consulted with G-Ted on this one; it’s basically his thoughts on what makes a great gravel bike from many years & many kms of riding on Iowa gravel manifested in steel. Compared to a classic euro-geo cx bike: lower BB, longer chainstays, slacker HTA. Lots of design musings out there on his blog & Gravel Grinder News.

  • quesofrito


  • James

    Why are you featuring this bike & not some custom made steed? I would assume builders & small companies need the press, not a company like Raleigh who’s a little too late to the party with this one.

    • I feature plenty of production bikes, especially ones that have a story and have been personalized.

      • Dobry

        I know what he’s talking about. We had a “bring a cool bike party” and Raleigh totally walked in with the Tamland like 3 hours after everyone else … and then they drank all my good whiskey and fell asleep in MY bed.
        That’s why you don’t get invited to parties anymore, Raleigh!

        • Charles Southgate

          I would say Raleigh has worked the hardest in the production manufacturing space over the past couple years to cater to those who “get it”? Your nearsighted statement about them being late to the party discounts all of the great things they have done with production steel bicycles AND their support for batshit grassroots events over the years. SSCXWC anyone? HODALA

          • Dobry

            I think you meant to reply to the OP, but I agree with the sentiment. R is a great company.

    • itjustainthappening

      are you kidding me? John features custom bikes more than anything else.

    • btdubs

      C’mon man, All-City, for example, makes production bikes, I don’t hear anyone complaining about those. Raleigh may be a large bike manufacturer but they by no means are out of touch. Some of their models are quite ahead of the game/unusual, e.g. this one.

      Full-custom is also not an option for a lot of people, for some reason or another. Get over it! This bike is rad.

  • Bruce Gordon started all this gravel stuff long before….the tires say it all :)

  • RockNRoads just make every bike look like a beast that begs to be ridden into the ground.

  • Edward Hann

    I have a Canyon VCLS on my road / cross machine, works like witchcraft great for UK roads. Also looking for a way to attach a pump to a top tube, guess a strip of velcro does the job?

    • Frame pumps come in like three sizes, depending on top tube length. They compress and hold their spot between the seat and head tubes. The velcro just keeps it from getting knocked off. You don’t need a pump peg.

      Look at the Topeak ones, they’re the best IMO.

    • as John said, this is a Topeak, I have one as well and I love it. Just make sure you go for the right size. I needed an XL for a 56cm frame.

  • Did anyone figure out what the matter is with the fork?

  • willnicks

    The lack of forward facing dropouts on that fork is a fail.