Traveling Tip: Dry Your Kit in a Hotel Towel Jul 14, 2014

Towel and Bibs-1

I spend a lot of time on the road, with my bike and over the past few months, I’ve dialed in just how many kits I need in that time. Say, for instance, I’m going to Santa Cruz for four days. I’ll bring one kit and never have to wear it dirty because of this one trick I’ve learned over the years of life on the road.

Check out the details below!

Towel and Bibs-1

The trick is, take a dry, clean hotel towel and fold it length-wise, so it’s about 12″ wide. Lay your bibs out on the towel.

Towel and Bibs-2

Then roll the towel up.

Towel and Bibs-3

Until it’s in a nice little burrito roll.

Towel and Bibs-4

… stand on it for around a minute, moving back and forth across the roll. When you take your bibs out, they’ll be almost dry, depending on the fabric. Merino-based bibs will be bone dry, tech bibs will take about 20 minutes to air dry.

Repeat for jerseys, arm warmers, jackets, vests, socks.

This trick has saved me from many stinky bib rides and I thought I’d save you from the same!

  • barry mcwilliams

    Good tip. I like these “mini-posts” about kinda mundane topics. It’s a real personal vibe that is part of why this site rocks. Cheers.

    • Stinky bibs are not a mundane topic! They’re a saddle sore waiting to happen! ;-)

      Thanks man!

      • A little bottle of Woolite in the travel bag is a great way to de-stank one’s kit. It is safe for merino and rinses out well in a hotel sink, puddle, shower, or whatever. It comes in little single-serving travel packets (though I just put it in a travel shampoo bottle).

        • I just keep a bag of old coffee in my bag… ;-)

  • Joe Roggenbuck

    This seems like a general awesome riding tip. Too many times I’ve been short a pair of clean shorts the night before an early ride and had to go on the ride in damp shorts. No more!

  • stateofnonreturn

    We need more of these Prolly tricks please!

  • Area45

    Great tip! This is the way that I dry my cycling caps at home as well. Soak ’em and rinse them out, then roll them in a towel for a quicker dry.

  • Bob Be

    Mundane=awesome tip of the day!

  • h salinas

    Also came in tres handy washing jerseys over the world cup

  • mywynne

    What, if anything, do you use to wash your kit while traveling like this?

    • I wash it with hotel shampoo or bar soap in the shower. Literally, I throw it in the bottom of the tub, take my shower and wash the kit as I’m scrubbing myself down.

  • Glenn Weatherson


  • Mo Shizzle

    for germ termination, leave them in the freezer over night/a few hours, if hotel room provides.

  • Yeah, keep this tips coming. I’m embarking on my first week-long solo tour (Sweden and Denmark thanks for asking), so tips like these are gonna help me out!

  • leeon

    just what i needed to see a week before my trip to LA, thanks

  • Mike Skalnik

    Fantastic tip at a fantastic time. Got a 1 week long business trip which has taken me to Whistler with my bike. Definitely will be using this :D

  • campirecord

    Just a not, walk in the shower with your kit, wash yourself, take it off.
    For the towel, you will get a stronger first pass dry if you roll lengthwise and then twist the towel until it turns like a pretzel (you need a partner for that). Finally, if drying on a hotel patio or a chair, turn inside out, and let the UVs flame out your ass bugs.

    • Rod Kimble

      Just stand one one end of the towel and use both hands to twist the other end, no need for a second person! Just finished a 3 week tour in one set of riding gear this way, merino stuff is great as you can put it on slightly damp and it doesn’t feel gross.

  • Trev

    Just tried this trick before my second 4+ hour long messenger shift. Worked like a dream.