That’d be Rad Jul 18, 2014

Need some weekendspiration?

“Four brothers (the Zenga Bros) get together to discuss their dream of the ultimate family road trip. 17 family members, 6 to 60 years of age, tour the Pacific Northwest on custom art bikes and in wildly decorated vans; their dream unraveling on the open road before them.”

  • geoff.tewierik

    Please let there be a full length documentary about this.

    • boomforeal

      yeah, but you’ll never see it online

  • boomforeal


  • xDeathx

    Did they end up doing it or not?

    • well… they got that video footage somewhere! ;-)

  • Felix

    I wanna make kids and buy a van now. This is so cool and heartwarming to look at.

  • Ulrich Crandall

    So good! Love the bikes and vans and that family!