Thanks for the Reminder Sean Jul 30, 2014



Photos by Sean Talkington

… of how much #LASucksForCycling. Head over to Team Dream for a few more 35mm jammers.

I miss that town all the time. Actually, I just miss the West Coast, period. Luckily, this weekend, Lauren and I are leaving for a proper vacation. We’ve got a week to drive from Portland to Los Angeles (which isn’t nearly enough time) and I’ll be shooting vacation photos the whole way.

Hopefully, if you have never been down HWY 1, the next week will make you want to do so.

How’s everyone’s summer going?

  • Dobry

    I thought the title said “Thanks for the Reindeer, Sean” and got really excited. Those pictures are pretty cool, nonetheless.

    You will move to the west coast. I am calling it.

  • Jamie McKeon

    came through LA for one day and GSC was closed! next time.

  • Nathan Deweber

    You should stop in Ventura to ride some fire roads on your way to LA

    • No bikes this trip. If I keep riding as much as I have, I’ll whither away. I need some time off the bike and in nature.

      • Stand under the redwoods on the Avenue of the Giants in Humboldt County. It is the most humbling experience a human can have insofar as I know. No bike necessary, just nature.

        • Yeah, I’ve ridden through Humboldt before when I toured from PDX to SF in 2010.

  • John Arthur

    You’re a great inspiration, Watson — all the more so for sharing the greatest of forenames. Hitting some singletrack in Yellowstone this weekend and working to make the warm months count. Enjoy the coast and give holler if ever in the Music City — a double bourbon awaits you.

  • Andrew Warren

    What’s on the agenda for Portland?

  • Nykolas Crovetto

    Make sure you stop at Verve coffee in Santa Cruz for nitro-tapped cold brew. My summer has been great, thanks for asking, I hope yours has been awesome too (it sure looks it).

    • I love that spot!

      • Nykolas Crovetto

        I would also love to see you photograph Garrett’s Strawfoot spot.

  • KT

    I’ve been wanting to rent a harley and ride down HWY1 with my girlfriend. Looking forward to your pics to help convince her of the idea :)

  • Matt S.

    I’ve been in LA the past five days and have done a fair amount of riding. A small plate of the PCH was on Tuesday’s menu for an out and back from Pasadena to a little ways north of Santa Monica. Quite stunning. This summer I’ve ridden along the Pacific, Badlands, SD, Denver, Moab, and a bunch of Wyoming. Life is good!