Team Sky’s Rules Jul 31, 2014


Even pro cyclists have rules. See more at Cycling Inquisition.

  • cultriot

    Its because they have so many garmins.

  • Itsnotgood

    We will follow the RULLLLLLLEEEESSSSSS.

  • Rod Kimble

    You do. Not. Talk. About. Sky Club.

  • Alex Forbes

    Loving the no phones at dinner.

  • Scott

    Following the rules is the best part of cycling!

  • Nic

    #38 we will obey our power meters at all times.

  • Velbain Neistat

    The second to last rule is by far the most important you damn racer-gear-wrecker !!!

  • Lemontime

    so fixie bikes are still allowed? cos thats cool