Surly: New 650b Straggler and the Return of the Travel Check Jul 21, 2014


Surly has a few new offerings for the actual 2015, not the “months leading up to the actual new year”. They’ve made the Straggler more crotch-friendly for shorter riders with a 650b option and have brought back the Travel Check.

Head over to Surly to see more new offerings, including a World Troller.

  • Ironically, people are already converting their existing Straggler to 650b!

    Reach still insanely long, Surly, why you no normal fit?

    • I think it’s a tough spot to make a bike that rides well, has big tire clearances and no toe overlap.

      • Michael Ousby

        I’ve just put one together for the Mrs with 35c Paselas and Albatross bars….awesome frame for the ££€€$$

      • I agree, except Rivendell managed to do it well with the Soma frame (tiny reach with no toe overlap).

        • Sure, and it’s got a entirely different feel than the Surly. I don’t think they’re the same bike. The Riv / Soma is +/-71* HTA with 5.2cm rake and the Surly is +/-72* with 1.7cm of rake…

          One is very much a bike for cruising and one is a bike for ripping, in my opinion anyway.

          • Old comment but I need to know. The Straggler is the bike for ripping?

    • dstroud

      Are there any similar cross bikes that have much shorter effective reach? I just checked the All-City Macho Man and it’s about the same from what I can tell. At least the 650b Straggler seems to have a longer head tube than the standard Straggler/Cross Check.

      • Ignore the head tube length and focus on the Stack and Reach, the S&R have a more consistent sizing.

    • Tyler Stolt

      Have you ridden one? I’m 6′ with a 32″ inseam and I ride a 56cm Straggler. It feels great! The 58 top tube is comfy long, and they stock the Salsa bars which have really short reach. I was a little weirded out by the geometry chart but I put it together, rode it, and thought it felt great. The guys at Surly know what they are doing.

      • I have, used to own a Cross-check, resorted to getting a 52cm one as the reach is far too long on the 54cm.

        Surly’s always long and low.

  • Area45

    Best part about them offering a 650b frame in my opinion is that they are now making a Knard in 650b!