SOLD OUT: The Radavist Sigil 26oz Purist Bottles Jul 31, 2014


I’m a pretty simple guy when it comes to products. I like black jerseys, black t-shirts, black decals and yes, black bottles. You can’t sell black on black though, so for the Radavist’s first bottles, I went with the Specialized’s Purist in a 26oz (it’s summer, drink up!), Watergate top, trans grey with black printing. Printed with “The Radavist” “Rubber Side Up” on the top and the Jackal with the Rune Sigil on the bottom.

These will look good on any bike and even better a bit scuffed up.

Swoop up a set (2 bottles) below for $25 shipped in the US, $35 shipped worldwide. SORRY SOLD OUT Each set will come with stickers.





  • James Moore

    had recently thought about buying some rapha bottles (the pink ones, so sue me) but two radavist bottles for the same price as one rapha bottle shipped. hell yes. these look bitchin’, if I may be so bold.

  • pizza dude

    ordered! very stoked for these.

  • gutenbergler

    Are these already sold out? It is saying they are unavailable

  • Derek

    Sold that quickly? Makes sense, they’re good looking bottles. I want in!

  • Missed ’em… darn.

  • Baler71

    Do some 22oz black on black bottles… So pro!

  • Felix
  • objetda

    Only got the post 50min ago and already sold out…it’s a @#$%^& with special deals in different time zones:(

  • General Principle are people getting these orders in so quick?! I legit need bottles too…These woulda looked good on Dusty Rhodes too SMH

    • General Principle

      Oh, nevermind, I didn’t see the fine print! Looks like folks that got in on the kit order are automatically added to the cue for copping the bottles. Good lookin out!!!

  • geoff.tewierik

    Oh well, missed out due to commuting :(

  • Scott Edward Perrin

    man , living in Australia sucks balls at times , I wake up to see all this awesomeness always sold out , these would of perfectly matched my transcontinental

    • professorvelo

      You’re not alone. I wake up here and everything’s sold out. It makes me wonder if there’s some secret Radavist Society and I’m not with it.

  • Bob Be

    Damn that was fast. Maybe round 2 in red???

    • I got a run of red coming in tomorrow but I don’t think I’ll be able to sell them before I leave for Portland.

      • Bob Be

        Sick! I’ll hopefully get in on the next run. Enjoy Portland breh!

      • The fuck you talking about. Takes 20 minutes, tops!

      • Dobry

        If you do another run in black, there’s sure to be plenty of interest.

  • Spencer Olinek

    Oh for fuck’s sake. Consider this another vote for more.

  • Nykolas Crovetto

    When will these ship out? (sorry if you already stated when)

  • Chris Hodges

    This is pretty awesome, I’m bummed I missed out. Will you be bringing this back again?

  • I only do 17 oz (500ml) bottles..

  • bleui

    always late to the party :(
    we should do a kickstarter of this

  • Derek

    This is a sweet design that I think you should keep as a permanent color option. If you get a set just like it again, you’ll have my order!

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    John, I NEED a pair of the red and white ones for my bike, it’s a match !! Not ” it’s a trap ” !! :p

  • Andy Moore

    I completely agree with the commenters before me. While I very much see the point in limited edition kit, I can’t quite fathom any reasonable explanation why you can’t just keep restocking this ultra-utilitarian, ultra-rad take on the bike bottle (ditto for the stem caps). But then again, #natureismetal, so why should I expect such kindness in life? ;]

    • I feel like even if I stocked 1,000s of bottles they’d still sell out and people would still miss out. I’d rather do small batches since they’re manageable to ship and keep track of. Plus having thousands of dollars in product tied up for months while they’re being made is nerve wracking.

      • Andy Moore

        In any case, please bring this one back! m/

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    how the hell did i miss these !!!!!