Sold Out: Radavist Rune Stem Cap Jul 29, 2014


Let the raidō rune point you in which ever way your ride or journey takes you. These RADAVIST Rune top caps come in black only and are $12 shipped worldwide a piece. Made by Kustom Caps in the US of A.

Pick one up below. I will discount shipping if you buy more than one.


  • barry mcwilliams

    Oh wells. Next time :)

  • Peyton

    Cmon! Can I get on a waiting list at least?

    • I’m in a tough spot. I can’t feasibly stock / ship a thousand of these things! So I’ll keep selling them in batches of a hundred or two like I have been.

      Sorry dude!

      • Peyton

        That’s a good spot to be in, though! Demand > Supply. Hopefully I’ll be quicker on the next batch…

  • heart attack rider

    How about releasing later in the day…after we wake up on the west coast :)

  • Carl Anderson

    Sold out before I even turn on my computer = EVERYBODY LOVES YOU! lulz

  • grk

    Put me first in line for radavist the quill stem…

  • Sebastian Kills Francis

    …everyone just wants a piece of the freshmaker !!