Sklar Bikes: 29+ Singlespeed MTB Jul 21, 2014


Adam Sklar builds bikes in Bozeman, MT and this is his newest creation: a 29+ MTB with 430mm chainstays and a Fox 32 fork. I love medium format film for shooting bike portraits, especially with a backdrop like that.

Head over to the Sklar Flickr for more!

  • Joe Roggenbuck

    You’re the man, Adam!

  • naisemaj

    Not a bad looking ride at all, but I would have doubts about cutting and welding at the middle of the seat-tube, creates a pretty high stress zone then, doesn’t it?

    • I don’t think it’d be an issue.

      • naisemaj

        I just know butt welds between two tubes isn’t the strongest, and it is an area that’s subjected to bending loads. I’m not a welder though, and I’m sure he knows what he’s doing way more than I do!

  • Alex Buck

    mine makes me go faster better

  • Wow, there’s TWO of my bikes posted on this blog. Awesome! Thanks Adam Sklar for making me such rad bicycles!