Search and State: NYC to GSC Video Jul 24, 2014

This project was so rad…

“To celebrate the launch of the S2R performance jersey, Search and State commissioned Joseph Holway to deliver the first garment sewn from New York to Golden Saddle Cyclery in Los Angeles. Joseph completed the 3,000 mile journey in 21 days, alone and unsupported.”

Go, go, go Search and State!

  • hans

    being at GSC when Joseph arrived was so cool! Also, very cool talking with his mom and dad; they were so proud. What a good night that was.

    • Good seeing you in the video too buddy!

      • Fritz Groszkruger

        No organization, No prize. Just individual excellence. BTW, Hans’ great great grandpa was a Watson from Sioux City. Coal dealer and co-inventor of refrigerated train cars. Thanks for the great blog!

      • nerissapartington

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