Sagan Goes Brap Jul 21, 2014

Mute the music and just watch Sagan do his thing. Man, someone needs to get this guy racing cross again.

  • you were right about muting it…

  • Rok

    What a douchebro.

    • the term is “euro”

    • Adrián García

      Probably spends hollidays at Kazantip

  • Samuel Lopez

    So euro

  • Ornotbike

    It’s amazing how cheese-ball mainstream euro is. That aside, I don’t understand the physics behind no handed wheelies.

    • It’s like a wheelie, you just don’t hold the bars. A real wheelie requires no “pulling up” on the bike to keep it going.

      • Ornotbike

        Thx professor Watson. :)

        • Adam Miller

          The rotational force of the rear wheel must consistently exceed the weight placed on the front wheel … okay, I’m done.

          ‘The Bicycle Wheel,’ –Jobst Brandt
          ‘The Bicycle Wheelie,’ –Ty Hathaway

  • charlesojones

    Sagan is amazing.

  • kermitonwheels

    Just Monaco in the background, no worries.

  • Keith Gibson

    good to see he doesn’t take himself too seriously. wicked wheelie skills.

  • Keith Gibson
  • He’s doing a disservice to bohunks everywhere by plucking that unibrow.

  • Keviv

    They actually used the picture of him butt-pinching a podium girl? Wow ! And what does his apology really mean ? He must have been jailed for that indecent gesture after being slapped by her. And now we see the cycling community which stands up for injured commuters, frame-builders, equal rights on road and what not take this ad lightly and smile cheekily. Sorry @johnprolly:disqus expected better from you !

    • Side story about the podium girl: they had been sleeping together for weeks prior to that photo and I’m pretty sure that podium girl was the girl on the cross walk in the video. Also, I just liked the video for the braps.

  • Andy Moore

    Dude has #pancakeflippingskils! :P