Ryan’s Baum Extensa 27.5 Hardtail MTB

Today, FYXO and I took the trip down to Geelong to visit Darren at Baum Cycles. After we toured the new Baum facilities, we ate some lunch at a local cafe and took to the You Yangs trail system.

The next few hours, I spent all my energy chasing after a neon streak in the bush. In fact, it became a point of fixation for me, as I struggled to keep up with the extremely fit rider pedaling this machine.

Ryan works at Baum and he rides a Baum. This bike is the fruit of his labor at Baum and it’s one of the company’s most famous rides. Or at least one of my favorite rides from the company.

SRAM XX1, ENVE, Chris King, you name it, it’s got it and then some. Like a bright chartreuse paint job with neon pink accents and a carbon Selle Italia saddle shell – leather saddle just get wrecked on a MTB anyway…

For me, the thing I brought away from this ride was seeing a Baum completely smash these trails. In an age where digital presentation is everything, I rarely see a Baum outside of the photo studio. It really brought the reason why Darren builds these machines to the forefront.

Baum makes MTBs fit for thrashing their local trails and that’s exactly what Ryan did. All afternoon… Stay tuned for more photos from my Shop Visit and MTB shred sess with Baum. For now, check out more photos of this rad bike!

  • BA Beck

    Dang that’s a pretty bike – looking forward to the action shots! Gotta ask, is that rust on the nut on the dropout adjustment?

  • Ted Barbeau

    Clean whip – I would imagine this thing HAULS. The lining up of the ENVE and Protection labels is also delightfully OCD :-)

  • naisemaj

    Narrow bars and a long stem for the current trends, Baum bikes are always gorgeous though. Totally killer build too, what is that stuck in the xx1 chainring?

    • BA Beck

      quark power meter

    • Ryan races XC, that’s pretty much the norm.

      • naisemaj

        I race XC too and still run 720 bars, but to each his own! I’m sure that dude’s way faster than I am anyways!

        • Yeah, in EU, they race on 1.75 tires and road shoes… Shit is wild.

    • Chris Dolan

      His crankset has a Quarq power meter, which is totally pimp. Is that what you’re referring to on the chainring?

      • naisemaj

        Yeah that’s exactly what I was wondering about, I figured it was something along those lines. Makes sense!

  • Jeff Haye

    Baum always kills it on paint schemes. Are they using ceramic paint on Ti?

    • Todd!

      PPG color system, all paint done in house, all R&D done on the trails. The paint doesn’t last forever racing and crashing (it takes a lot of force! But I’ve seen carbon frames check out easier… And with a Baim they can resprayed back to new.

  • Tom

    Really nice bike, love how they do their wishbone seat stays (I would totally change out those twisty Ourys tho!) One question: Isn’t the nice thing about raw Ti stays that you don’t have to worry about paint chips and zip tie on a piece of rubber or old inner tube? Seems so inelegant for such an elegant bike. Or is this a noise thing?

  • Jacob Rodriguez

    Beautiful bike, It beats my cookie cutter carbon frame any day.

  • Salim Riley

    first time i’ve seen a quark on the mtb

  • eric_bones

    Great build all around – paint scheme is insane, and loving the choice bits like the SLR and Sugino chainring bolts (all in the details).

  • btdubs

    Goddamn this thing is the hot sex.

  • Colin Williams

    Nice shots, that bike is amazing. Definitely spent some time as my wallpaper from their studio shots. Do you know what the bracket is zip tied to the bars?

    • cooken

      that’s a mount for ay-up lights