How to Rule Summer in Central Texas

They aren't joking! Don't even risk it...

Let me begin this post with the phrase: don’t blow up the spot, bro. Now, I know I’m posting photos of a few hidden gems, but you don’t have to name them… That said, we also were given “special permission” to access these spots from land owners, so, again #dontblowupthespot, bro. Also, also, remember one thing: this is Texas, people have a lot of guns and a particular connection to their private property. I’ve dealt with angry land owners before. Let me tell you, it ain’t worth it.

Now that that’s out of the way…

How to Rule Summer in Central Texas

Central Texas can be quite unforgiving in the summer months and the only bastian for relaxation are limestone swimming holes, sink holes, aquifers, lakes and other vessels for holding water. The problem is: every frat boy bro and his messy friends camp out with coolers of beer and boom boxes, littering and ruining a lot of these swimming locales, leaving my friends and I seeking refuge in lesser-known locations.

Be it on a mountain bike, cross bike, or in this case, simply driving outside of the Austin area to swim has proven to be quite fruitful this summer in particular. We hike in and leave nothing but footprints and tire tracks.

Last sunday, we ruled summer as we partook in some classic Central Texas cliff jumps and lounging… enjoy the Gallery!

Tools of the trade:
Mamiya 7ii / 80mm
Kodak Portra 400

  • Chris Bertels

    I recently moved from Florida to the Dallas area. Any recommendations without #blowingupthespot?

    • Blue Hole, Hamilton Pool, Jacob’s Well, Pedernales Falls and the Greenbelt are all parks.

      • Chris Bertels

        Good looking out! Time to load up the Fairdale!

    • san gabriel park has tons of spots to cool off while riding.

  • Samuel Lopez

    That Cruiser tho

  • odenator

    Looks like proper summer-ing. Nor Cal has to deal with plenty douche-bros messing up perfectly beautiful swimming holes as well. I need to do some exploring and find some lesser trod-on spots.

  • Houston Joost

    We have a ranch outside of Marble Falls,Tx. I spent every summer there as a kid. There are a million hidden gems out there. And great riding.

  • Los Falcon

    What a rad trip. It looks like a perfect getaway on a hot day. Quite the leap from the cliff as well.

  • Nate Kaiser

    i’ve never really had a strong desire to go to texas…until now.

  • D Park

    Mamiya 7ii is tasty…

  • Alex Forbes

    Man, i’m jealous. That looks gorgeous. Hamilton pool is nice but it is so crowded now that i dont even want to try.

  • Ace Metric Cycles


  • kooktruck

    omg that last hole and that toyota…

  • Jake Ricker

    Great photos dude!
    Looks like a great spot!

  • movemint

    Damn, I miss my FJ60 and taking trips like this in it.

  • dc

    Thanks texas. If you don’t know where to go, you just have to suck it up at the 3 or 4 overcrowded, pay to play swimming holes. Makes me miss the open lands of Utah and California, where there are hidden gems that keep the frat boys away just because they are difficult to access – hidden gems open to the public.

    • 80% of Texas land is private homie…

      • dc

        That’s exactly what I’m bitching about. I’ve heard figures higher than that 80%

  • Boris Bikeman

    I think every state that I have lived in has hidden gems.

  • Oh dude, I grew up going to the Blue Hole. Had the raddest house in Wimberly. I’m gonna cry now.

    • Blue hole is good. Haven’t been there in a while!

  • Joel Gabaldon

    This looks like big dead mans I love this place!