Riding in Sweden’s Sverigetempot Brevet – Johan Björklund

Riding in Sweden’s Sverigetempot Brevet
Words and photos by Johan Björklund

In 2012 I thought about riding the Sverigetempot for the first time. I had never done it before and so I didn’t know what I was getting into…

At the start in Riksgränsen.

Then my new friend Patch started talking about doing it in 2014 and all of a sudden our young almost elite runner friend Julius was coming along. Soon we had registered to do a 2100km ride on a 177 hour time limit from Riksgränsen in the far north above the Artctic circle to the furthest southern point in Sweden in Smygehuk.

The Höga Kusten bridge, halfway to the start one day in the car.

Two days before the start on June 25 we started driving north with Tereza and Olle, two friends who came along to document the trip. When we started thinking about the fact that it would take us two whole days to drive the same distance we realized how insane this was. And how much fun it was going to be.

Waited all day for this yesterday and then again today and then it finally happened.

I had done 200km, 300km and 400km brevets as well as a ride of 586km within 24 hours to win the Flèche Nordique in the last months, so I was in decent shape. Our plan was to split the distance in seven parts with roughly 300km every day.

Mopping. Everything was so wet.

Unfortunately I only made it 1300km and had to abandon during the fifth day with a very swollen knee (as it looks now infected with borrelia that took advantage of my overstrained body), but Patch and Julius amazingly made it to the finish. I’ll be back with a vengeance in 2016!

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  • I’d be more than happy to join you! Rad Patch and Julius, as promised, I owe You beers!

    • Johan Björklund

      Haha, see you in 2016!

      • vopop

        Held once in 2 years?

        • Johan Björklund

          Yes. The next one is in 2016, no dates yet but probably late June. See you then?

          • vopop


  • Sean Talkington

    Very nice Johan!

    • Johan Björklund

      Thanks Sean! One of the first things I’ll do once the knee is better is break in the new Team Dream kit.

  • tanner

    Amazing!! And beautiful documentation. Truly inspiring. More of this please!!

  • Joe Newton

    Excellent reportage. Full of scenery I can relate to, being as I live and ride next door, in Norway.

  • Patch Hofweber

    When having a mental breakdown becomes “taking a power nap” I’ve got to give my PR guy a raise. Thanks Johan for the most fucked up thing I’ve ever done, and the wonderful memories.

    • patch! haven’t seen you since greenwheels man looks like you’re doing cool shit!

      • Patch Hofweber

        Whooah Derek my buddy! Thanks for the words, I hope all is well.

  • Emil Holt

    Awesome ride Johan (and Patch and Julius)!
    I hope you’ll recovery will be swift.
    Maybe next year I’ll get over my aversion for doing 300k+ rides and give this a shot in 2016.

  • hans

    fantastic shots man

  • Dave Faust

    “faster harder, scooter!” That’s probably one that only the Euros will get. :)
    Fantastic Pictures!

  • Oh that looks like a grand time. Cheers!