The Radavist Redback Kits are Shipping This Week Jul 9, 2014

Photo by Sean Talkington

Hey guys, sorry for the delay, I wanted to make sure I had enough stem caps and stickers to put inside each order before the kits went out. They’ll be going out this week. Those who are emailing me, asking about a pre-order. It’ll go up Friday. I wanted to get this first run shipped out.

I will be doing women’s jerseys and would consider doing cycling shorts (alternative for women to wearing men’s bibs), if there is enough of an interest. So, if you’re a woman and would prefer shorts, over men’s bibs, let me know so I can add a line item.

Thanks for your patience! Hugs and kisses.

  • Keith Gibson

    great news on the pre-order. great stuff coming out of the Radavist, keep it up man!

  • Jeff Haye

    Did I miss the pre-order again?