The Radavist Redback Kit Pre-Order is Closed Jul 14, 2014

Thanks for your orders, I’ll keep you updated on the kits. ENDO is saying mid-September. Thanks!

  • Thanks boss! Ordered.

  • mywynne

    Want! But I’m steadily losing enough weight that I shouldn’t…

    • I squeezed into a large kit 6 months ago and it was just enough motivation to drop weight and now it fits great.

      • Francesco Piazzoni

        Are you wearing a large in the photos?

  • Keith Gibson

    Great! I will be able to get rid of some older not so great kit. Endo customs makes great kit.

  • Panda Bear

    Bib looks like it will match great with Fyxo’s Ride On jersey, yes?

  • Alek

    Love the red—the brazen flash of a baboon’s ass…

    I work for a company called Shopify. We build ecommerce software. Sure sounds like it’d meet your needs!

  • Guest

    I’m a skinny guy with 29″ waist – should I order XS or S for the bibs?

    • iplus51

      Order a S.

  • Espen D. H. Olsen

    Looking to order, but as always the sizing issue: L or XL. I wear L in the Rapha club jersey and that fits quite snugly. Is the fit about the same as Rapha or tighter? For reference, I’m about 6’0 and weight is lingering around 200-205lb

    • Def Large. I’m 6’2″ and the L fits me exceptionally well in the 180 – 200lb range. XL will be too big, particularly in the bibs.

      • Espen D. H. Olsen

        Great, L it is then, and thanks for the quick reply!

        Just got stamp of approval from the nine-year old here – ‘it’s really cool’ – so order goes now!

  • Bjorn Markus

    Hi there. I ordered the mens jersey yesterday and would like to get the bibs, too.
    How can i add them to the order without paying the shipping to France twice??

  • Guest

    Anyone can tell if the mens XS size bib is ‘ok’ for a 5’5″ or 165cm tall person?

    • Kat Daley

      Yes. I’m 5’5″ and I wear XS in all the Endo stuff, including bibs.

  • I gotta say this is one sharp kit! Just preordered! Great design work!

    • Thanks man! LAND killed it on my rebrand!

      • Agreed! I’m new to the site so I didn’t see the previous stuff but this new look is positively snazzy!

  • Fredrik Posse

    Just received mine. $80 in Customs. Hope it fits!

    • I marked it as “gift” – don’t know why you had to pay $80 in customs…

      • Fredrik Posse

        Yeah they probably went on the total value. It fit pefectly though so i ain’t mad! Thanks

        • Yeah, sorry – I can change it to “gift” by my shipping system won’t let me change the value.

  • General Principal

    Super Clyde here (6’3″ 272) and rapidly trending downward toward “normal” Clyde levels (looking to be 250 by the end of August) Does XXL still make the most sense, or would I be better off skewing smaller. I dont have a real sense of the range between the two.

    • Jeff Haye

      To give you perspective…I am 6’2″…190 lbs…I wear XL in the Endo Kit and it is a nice tight fit

      • General Principle

        Woah. Got it, thanks.

        • Jeff Haye

          Of course, a few threads below…John is saying he is in a L at 6’2″ and carrying between 180 – 200 lbs.
          I have a 36″ waist no way I am squeezing into a L, comfortably.

      • I’m 180 ish and 6’2″, fitting into a L just fine.

    • I wore XL jerseys and XXL bibs when I was 225lbs and I’m 6’2″

      • General Principle

        Done. Just copped my first kit! Now off to ride so that I can actually fit into it.

  • W.M.

    Finally getting serious and ordering my first quality kit, but I’ve never worn a bib before – I’m 6’2″ 150 with a 31 inch waist, so I’m thinking medium? Anyone able to offer some insight other than “lift more?”

    • Yes. Def a medium.

      • W.M.

        Thanks! Just ordered, stoked.

  • Burn Dawg

    Digging the kit John. Want to preorder, but had a fit question. Do the sleeves have elastic cuffs? Thanks in advance.

    • The sleeves are a double layer of the jersey material that fit tightly against your arm.

      • Burn Dawg

        Thanks. I couldn’t tell from your pics or what I saw elsewhere. Pearl Izumi kit, you’re days are numbered. Can’t wait.

  • DopePedaler

    John! I know you may have your own web guys but I’d be interested in helping you set up a proper web shop if not!

  • Pete Knight

    I was gone for 2 weeks and I just got back into town (L.A.). I hope i didn’t miss the delivery. Should I still be expecting it or did they ship a while back?

  • Emil Holt

    Any updates on an estimated shipping date?

    • Mid-september. I’ll keep you guys updated ok?