Outlier: Runweight Shorts Jul 29, 2014


One of the reasons why I love Outlier is they’re always looking to make their products better, or at least better-adapted to however you find yourself using them. Their new Runweight shorts are even lighter weight and have no seams at the crotch, making them virtually chaffing-free. Perfect for running, jogging, swimming, cycling, bass fishing and even just sitting on your ass, poolside.

Now if I can just figure out what Lars is running from!

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  • Tristan Brown

    Love the look but holy crap they are expensive! I even own Kitsbow MTB gear which is very expensive, but this running gear is on a whole new level.

  • Daniel Moncada

    The pricing is way high. I’ll stick to my Patagonia baggies.

    • Made in NYC. Patagonia is not. If your Patagonia shorts were, they’d be three times as expensive. Also, smaller company, smaller numbers, not in REI or discount shops. Apples and oranges. I’m surprised I still have to point this out?…

      • Daniel Moncada

        I understand the whole small production, emphasis on quality, but let’s be realistic. I have yet to see any one with the exception of a small group of guys wearing brands like this out and about putting them to their “intended use”. Patagonia is just an example of a brand that makes quality goods, that don’t cost a fortune. If that doesn’t suit your requirements, take that up with Yvon Chouinard.

        • There are thousands of venues where people talk about Patagonia, so why get upset when I post a small brand, working domestically?

          It’s like talking about Novatec hubs when I post about Chris King.

          You’ve been coming here enough to know that I appreciate companies like Outlier and that they’re my friends. I’ve been supporting those dudes since day one.

          • Daniel Moncada

            I’m not upset, I just don’t believe a quality product has to cost in excess. I like Outlier and I’ve owned a pair of 3 ways but I think the small limited runs, and high prices limit the brands potential. I’m not saying they should start selling to every sporting goods store but I’m sure there is enough guys out there that read your blog that are interested in the same product, just not so out of reach.

          • Fair enough.

  • JJ

    $175 for shorts that will last you more than 2 year is not a horrible price. I have 3 pairs of the old 3 way shorts and will be picking some up when im stateside in xmas

  • I never talk about pricing, never, and I’m all in for quality. I’ve actually stoped buying clothes and am only buying “gear”. I never even complain and I’ve never even thought that I would. But if these shorts are really $175 then I do think that a point is reached where losing track is not far off. $100 ok for a short that performs, that I can wear all year long (I live in Australia), that makes me feel good, that supports domestic production but come on, with $175 we are talking Gucci, Prada and whatever is out there. That price just can’t be justified, not even for me. I love that you support these companies, really do and from the bottom of my heart, but even if they are your friends, be honest, do you really pay that kind of money for a pair of short pants?

    • Yeah, I actually do pay that for shorts and truth told, I have had them outlast other pairs of shorts that were $80 – $100. What’s unfortunate is that I have lost so much weight this year that I’ve had to buy new shorts, when my others look brand new after 2+ years of wear.

      Outlier’s products have outlasted any other short I own, I never have to wash them, they dry in minutes and are lightweight. The fact that you compare the pricing to Gucci doesn’t make sense, when you should be comparing them to Arcteryx’s limited line.

      The Schoeller fabric Outlier uses is expensive. So expensive that if Arcteryx made shorts from it, they’d be $300 because they need a retail margin. Schoeller and Polartec are two leading fabrics in this “gear” world you speak of, but no one in REI or other “gear” stores can make entire garments from it, because it gets expensive and dudes like you complain and compare it to Prada.

      This isn’t brand clout that makes Outlier expensive. It’s the damn fabric. Why is that so hard to grasp? You guys are smart, go do some research on the fabric.

      I’ve only said that a million times, but no one listens.

      It’s like Ti vs 4130.

      • I do get you John don’t you worry. Why else would I hang out here 24/7. Enjoy your road trip.

  • Jake Kruse