The NYC Women’s 100 Rapha Ride – Chris Lee

The NYC Women’s 100 Rapha Ride
Words and photos by Chris Lee

This past Sunday morning, women all over the world took part in Rapha’s Women’s 100 ride. Every year this globally-coordinated event challenges female athletes of all skill types to ride 100km together as a group.

The NYC Women's 100 Rapha Ride

Each year, the event draws more and more athletes to participate. This year’s ride boasted 7,573 women that participated globally!

New York’s Rapha Cycle Club was there again to host the ride this year. The NYC group doubled in numbers this year compared to their past rides and had participants from all over the tri state area come in and join in on the fun.

Thank you to Jen Nordhem, Rapha Cycle Club NYC and the women of the Women’s 100 for the opportunity of allowing me to see all these great athletes come together and celebrate women in cycling!


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  • Brent Knepper

    Chris Lee is my heroooooo

  • Javi

    Looks like it was a lot of fun to shoot. Awesome photos! Good stuff on the Flickr page, too!

  • Kenny

    that Cait Dooley sure is dreamy!

  • Leyla Tatiana Rosario

    Lovelisa Dizon is my HERO! Look at her on the left rocking the Cyclofemme kit. <3

  • Jesse

    Great pics. They all wore helmets too. Women are smarter.

  • Wow, looks like an awesome ride! We were busy representing over here in the UK with our own Rapha Womens 100 fixed ride, check it our here :-)