Mission Workshop: Limited Edition Polartec® NeoShell® Orion Jackets Jul 4, 2014


There’s “lightweight” and then there’s LIGHTWEIGHT. I’ve held this jacket in my mortal hands and it is amazing…

“We got our hands on some special cuts of Polartec’s NeoShell® fabric in colors not typically found in the Mission Workshop line and made some limited editions of our classic Orion jacket. The Orion provides complete waterproof protection in a lightweight and packable format, and is made with 96 g/m2 Polartec® NeoShell® fabric. The relaxed cycling fit combined with durable stretch fabrics enables maximum movement. Available for the first time in colors that will be noticed by everyone around you.”

Swoop up at Mission Workshop. Seriously, this is a worthy investment…

  • mr. apodaca APODACA

    435 bucks? F that S*&%

    • Polartec is like the ultra light carbon fiber of the textile industry. It ain’t cheap, just like the frames built with high tech carbon. But you get what you pay for. Buy cheap, buy twice. I’ve put my Orion through the ringer over the past two years and have never had a jacket hold up as well… Or you could buy two $200 jackets in that time…

    • bruce golla

      I totally understand that this website exists for selling bike things.
      But yea I don’t care how long it lasts. 435$ for little rain coat? next year there will be another style and the same folks will buy that one too. Just shows where this is all going. Great to see all the beautiful bikes but I would avoid the side bar adverts. They look like articles but they are just custom adverts.

      • Maybe you’re unfamiliar with how websites and magazines work? I don’t peddle garbage on people, I support brands I believe in and use products that work. Sorry if that rubs you the wrong way, but at least I’m honest.

        And yeah, that comment is absurdly ridiculous, just like most of your comments. Maybe you’re trying to prove something? I dunno, it just seems hella naive and cynical.

        Go ride your bike and don’t worry about products I post, try to focus more on the positive energy I promote through documenting rides and people’s bikes.

        If products piss you off that much, just don’t look at them and by all means, don’t comment.


  • bruce golla

    Why have a comment section if you have to spend the evening defending yourself. Ignore it, It just makes you seem so whiny. Just a rain coat no one is saying anything bad about you personally

    • Because you’re questioning my ethics and insinuating that in my attempt to curate content that I’m being paid to post products like this.

      If I came into your work and shit all over what you’ve worked hard on, you’d be defensive too…