Matt’s RetroFat SS with Whisky’s 70w Fat Tubeless Rims is Insane! Jul 13, 2014


Matt just fired over some photos of his 2009 NAHBS RetroTec Cycles RetroFat SS, retrofitted with the new Whisky 70w Fat Tubeless Rims to Industry Nine hubs… the consensus? I dig it, especially the color, the Cambium and those Surly Nate gumwall tires.

I think it looks like a ton of fun and if you’re going to Saddle Drive this year, you’ll probably see it mobbing around.

Check out a few more photos below!














  • Velbain Neistat

    Rear hub ? Industry Nine ?

  • barry mcwilliams

    Holy crap. That thing looks amazing.

  • objetda

    ultimate melburn roobaix ride for next year:)

  • Hell yeah.

  • Jacob Spencer

    I’m glad to see this here – I saw this in a local shop a few weeks ago and did a double take but couldn’t look closely at the time.

  • Harry

    Beautiful Bicycles 2014 Top 10 contender.

    • Ted Barbeau

      I’m with Harry; this is a top 10 contender. Although I’d go one step further and say this is an all-time top 10 for me (not just 2014). That being said, I’m biased as I don’t plan on leaving northern California without a Retrotec in tow.

  • Rob Maybach

    Sick looking bike, but I wonder if the scalloped ends of the seat stays and fork legs would not be nice to contact during some wonky out of the saddle technical manuvers…I’m all over the place on my rigid SS and the fewer sharp bits the better

  • Eric Bones

    fat bike dreamz…

  • caliente

    Am I allowed to ask how much it weighs?

    • I’ll ask Matt. My guess is around 22lbs.

      • caliente

        cool, thanks!

      • nellydesign

        Giant rims and tires and a steel frame with disk brakes. The single speed drivetrain reduces weight a bit but 22 lbs still seems optimistic. Maybe I’ve just been out of the bike loop for too long and steel has come a long way.

  • Richard Dreyer

    That is a really pretty bike.

  • lw

    Ha ha! That looks like my kid’s bike!

    Killer m/

    • Caleb

      Sure it does…if you’re willing to overlook many, many details.

      • Gettheheckoverit

        like..having a dad even…;)

  • David Seal

    love the bullmoose

  • Dylan Buffington

    Yes. So good.

  • Gettheheckoverit

    Gumwalls? FTW!!!