Kris from 44 Bikes Talks About His Own Huntsman Jul 30, 2014


So what do frame builders think of their own bikes? Kris from 44 Bikes has some interesting things to say about his own Huntsman’s component selection, which I think it spot-on for the kind of riding Kris likes to take part in and for the kind of bike his clients often request.

See more at 44 Bikes and thanks for sharing Kris!

  • fizzle

    super rad. i am in the middle of building a very similar crux.

  • mp

    What a looker. This bike is so clean. Nice work.

  • D0rk

    I have a lot of respect for a frame builder like Kris that can very clearly explain the reasoning behind every choice.

    • Thank you. It’s my pleasure. I believe I’ll be doing this with all my builds (Fat Bike, 29er Mtn Bike and 29er SS). So there will be a few more installments. Everyone seems to be really enjoying the insight, and it’s a lot of fun to articulate what it is that I do and WHY I build the way I do. Thanks again for the kind words.

  • This is awesome and I enjoyed reading every bit of it. I was actually hoping it will not end. Getting to know what the thought is behind every single part, is just very interesting to say at least. Even with all this talking about bikes, parts, riding and whatnot, essays like this are very rare and it actually makes me want to buy a bike from him. There’s knowledge than can only be won with experience and it’s just great to learn and think about every single step. Love it, thank you both.

  • charlesojones

    Though this may not be “new” for Kris, I love to watch the evolution of these types of bikes and this type of multi-surface riding. Very nice build, Kris. Thanks for sharing.

  • KT

    Really cool write-up by Kris. I had the pleasure of meeting him at NAHBS2014 and he is a really cool guy to talk to and very knowledgable. I’d love to own a Huntsman someday.