K-Edge Garmin Mounts and Chain Catchers are Made in the USA Jul 24, 2014

So, the other day, I’m thinking I need to buy a Garmin mount for my new Argonaut, but I didn’t want a plastic one. After seeing the K-Edge mounts all over, but having never owned one, I thought, what the hell, a balleur mount for a balleur bike.

This is a totally random post, but after spending some time at the K-Edge site, I really admire what they’re doing. Buying made in the USA – or any domestically-produced – accessory like this keeps an industry alive and keeps people employed. I’m ok with that.

Check out K-Edge‘s offerings at their site and ask your local bike shop to carry them!

  • Sean Talkington

    No Garmin, No K-Edge mount! (it would look silly without a Garmin)

  • DopePedaler

    Made a purchase after going through this post. Ya got me again!

    • Steve Smith

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      • DopePedaler


      • Matt Long

        I’m in.

  • Matt Long

    Looks really nice. Wish I had not just purchased barfly 2.0. Although, so far so good w it.

  • Carl Anderson

    Yay Boise! Finding out these are made in my city NOW is like showing up to the race 15 mins after the gun has gone off…

    But yeah, sweet looking mount, looks so much nicer than plastic mounts. I’d buy one, and that means Ill have to get to Garmin to go with it!