Horse Cycles for Kaufmann Mercantile: City Cruiser Jul 7, 2014


Kaufmann Mercantile, the New York based online store for carefully selected, long-lasting, and well-designed goods announces the launch of the Horse Cycles x KM City Cruiser. Each City Cruiser is made by hand in Horse Cycles’ Brooklyn shop, features a Brooks saddle, with matching grips and includes a copper head badge, where purchasers may have up to five letters engraved to personalize their rides.

“Working with Thomas of has been an interesting and rewarding process, and we are excited to be launching these simple, beautiful bikes with him” says KM Product Developer, Gavin Logan.

Designed specifically for KM, the City Cruiser is available exclusively at

  • tommy

    $1900 for coaster brake bike that only comes in one size?

    • Aaron

      Add up the pieces and don’t forget the handmade-in-America frame.

      • Yeah I think it’s a pretty fair price!

      • over here we have Belgium made coaster bikes for $ 400,-. and yes, the frame is made in Belgium by hand…

        • Over here we have pizza made by hand, delivered to your door for $9 but it’s the worst pizza ever! ;-)

  • Joao E. R. Bola

    she has a hanger for gears? coool! kinda like a conversion.

  • Dobry

    First, I think this bike is very nice and that Horse Cycles seems to do good work. From the pictures I’ve seen, those bikes are beautifully done. I don’t know anything about KM, but some of their merch seems very nice and their heart is clearly in the right place (hooray for long-lasting goods!).

    That being said, the bike description goes a little overboard, to me. I try not to be negative, but here’s some off-putting over-selling:
    “Thomas used 4130 steel True Temper tubing (also found in Tour de France and Giro d’Italia racers) to build the strong yet lightweight frame” – Is this really a race bike? Has anyone in those races been on anything but carbon for the last decade? But is that really what all cyclists aspire to, especially the one’s likely to buy this bike?

    “The copper badge (also used by galleries and museums as name plates to identify artwork)” – I’m not even sure what to make of this, beyond trying to put on airs that counters the utilitarian beauty of this and other bikes.

    • Yeah, the copy was written by people in marketing, not cyclists. You’ve also gotta think that this company isn’t really a cycling brand, so they have to use layman’s terms.

      They never called it a race bike, they just said it is lightweight.

      Again, marketing company, not a cycling company, which is why I re-wrote the PR…

      Don’t think about it too much… ;-)

      • Dobry

        All good points, I should’ve just read yours and not clicked through. But if I didn’t think too much about things, I’d be a different person. Whatevs, my cross to bear . . . :P