Distance Over Time Jul 17, 2014

I’m stoked to see this as a Vimeo pick!

“Distance Over Time follows the truly inspirational story of James Golding, a man who has beaten incredible odds to achieve extraordinary things. From weighing 6 stone and being too weak to walk 5 years ago to taking on one of the most savage cycling records ever undertaken, Spindle Productions followed James’ remarkable journey.”

  • Adam Roler

    Damn, I hate saying this but how is this a world record? The people who do RAAM do this. A LOT of them do this. Didn’t Strasser ride almost 3000 last year and OVER 3000 this year in roughly 8 days? Does that mean Strasser rode his bike 1250 miles on the last day of the race? I know, I’m a jerk. This guy is amazing, and very few could do what he did. I know damn well I couldn’t even come close. I just don’t see it as a world record.

  • Thanks for sharing this John! Was really stoked to be involved in such a great project.