Cole’s Early 90’s Rossin Road with Campagnolo Athena 11

There are very few experiences like riding a custom bicycle, but when it comes down to it, there are plenty of frames out there that are completely fitting for most people. These frames were designed to be raced, or just plain ridden, like many of the bikes on the market today. While they might not be custom-fit, they were fine-tuned for their intended use. In short: if the frame fits, shred the shit out of it.

Cole was looking for a new road frame last year and while it was tempting to go continue saving for a custom steel rig, he decided to keen an eye on eBay and Craigslist, in hopes that something, light, tight and Italian might pop up in his size. Low and behold, it did. A NOS Rossin crit frame from the early 90’s hit eBay one day and soon, it arrived in Austin. All for around $700.

He chose Campagnolo Athena 11, Mavic Open Pro rims, a classic 3TTT Pro Chrome Columbus stem, Deda bars, Zipp post, Fizik Antares VS saddle, Speedplay pedals and some reliable Conti rubber. The build is very tasteful and the lines of this classic race bike are seducing enough for even the seasoned carbon ‘pro-minded’ consumer to second guess their recent ‘upgrade’…

Thanks for dropping by the office today Cole!

  • nice crank clearance

    • It looks closer in that photo because of the focal length. There’s plenty of room.

  • charlesojones

    Normally mixing and matching ok, even welcomed, but Assos and Rapha…..? Major fashion Faux Pas.
    What’s next? Cats sleeping with dogs?

  • What a nice bike. Campagnolo groups look soooo good on neo-retro builds like this.

  • James Moore

    i think the alloy athena group would have looked better on this bike than the carbon one, but maybe thats just me. like the stickers though, i have some on my own bike.

  • Love it. Modern group + classic steel frameset = the biz. Also loving the look of the “3TTT Pro Chrome Columbus stem”, and the Salsa on Gideon’s Rambouillet – does anyone make this style anymore?

    • Tamaso

      I don’t think there are major mfgs doing steel stems these days, maybe nitto. You can find NOS 3Ts like that on eBay though.

  • Richard Smith

    Excellent frame, tasteful build! Custom is custom, but this bike expresses much more personality than all of the custom builds I’ve seen lately.

  • grandmont

    Very nice indeed. I would like to know what bar tape is used here? Thanks for your help.

    I would love to see more of these builds.

  • Anthony M. Garcia

    Cole’s an awesome guy, and this bike is even awesome-er.

  • Andy Zielinski

    So hot!!

  • Daniel Martins

    This bik remind my bike in somes ways .

  • Derek

    Beautiful bike! How is it being held up for the photos?

  • Chris De La Fuente

    Lol my homie owns this bike