All-City Cycles JYD Video Jul 7, 2014

The All-City Junkyard Dog, or JYD isn’t an absolute staple bike in your stable, but it sure looks fun.

  • Ian

    I love the concept… I’ve basically done the same thing with my Spot… except with the addition of Hope Discs for maximum extreme stoppage. Pretty much everyone needs something without gears or suspension and with big tires.

  • Veektohr

    This reminds me of the first bike I ever built. Wish I still had that bike.

  • miles whitmore

    This looks like a super fun bike, I almost want one. It’s pretty similar to my mountain bike buuut only in somewhere like minnesota can you have singlespeed townbike that can be a trail bike too. At least where I live in the bay area all our trails are pretty much going up or down not a ton of flat in between so the gearing that would make this bike fun in the city makes it pretty much unusable on the trail unless you are a total beast.

  • dancakes