Budnitz Bicycles: The Gift Jul 22, 2014

Look, this is way too artsy for me normally, but it’s been a long day and I’ve been there before. Granted, my lady didn’t spin away on a kick-ass made in the USA titanium cruiser!

  • Kat

    Someone’s been watching too many Lars Von Trier films

  • charlesojones

    Quite a long list of credits for 2+ minute commercial.

  • Ham Sandwich

    you sure these are USA made? last i heard, budnitz was tryin to collabo with black sheep out of ft. collins, and when he got turned down he took their designs and went overseas.

    • I thought Lynskey was making them?

      • Ham Sandwich

        they were at first, up until 2012. all frames are made in china now. Here’s a fairly long post from the Black Sheep FB page from a few years back. Apologies for how long it is, but it sheds some light:

        “We rarely rant here at Black Sheep Bikes. We see no need to defend what we do as bike builders and similarly we leave others to do as they please. If you like what we do great, if not cool. There is many talented people making bikes in this world. Check out your local builder for instance. We build the bikes we love out of the passion for our trade and our love for bikes. Pretty simple. However we do feel that the we need to clarify some things as we have gotten a lot of questions so the air needs to be cleared. 5 or so years ago we were approached by a fella we will call Mr. B. He came to us with a need for a quality built bike that would suit his needs, keep him fit, and have some style. No problem. We built him a Speedster style frame, belt drive, internally geared hub, internal routing, etc.. Great commuter and he was very satisfied. So much in fact that he wanted another with a little different style and bigger tires. Kind of a urban thrasher that can fit in a travel case. Done. Another happy customer. After awhile he approached us with an idea of helping him build a bike company under his own name. He wanted us to make him replicas of the bikes we had already made with the potential to go over seas and have them massed produced. As you can imagine we felt like this wasn’t the best idea for our company and went against why we build these bikes with our own hands here in Colorado in the first place. Nothing against bikes made out of country and in Asia as many are high quality and almost all are handmade by skilled workers. It just sounded boring and not our style. So we told him we weren’t interested. Mr. B however is a man with money and the means to do as he pleases so he took our bikes had them replicated(kind of) at another American bike company and now has some being produced over seas. Damn! Wasn’t what we thought was going to happen. Oh well we suppose. We still get to build our dream bikes, one at a time, with our own hands here in Colorado. What this really boils down to is a choice. You can buy a bike from a man who has his name on it with no other connection to his product or the hard work that others have put into it. Or you can buy a bike from people who love what they do and do it themselves, pour their soul into their craft, and actually have a passion for bikes. The point is, before you drop a bunch of your hard earned cash on a Budnitz…give a guy like Curtis Inglis a call first. You will be glad you did.”

        • DAMN.

          • I wonder if that’s why she rode away…

          • Tommaso Gomez

            Interestingly enough, this guy is behind Ello, the “new” ad-free social network. It’s amazing how far some people get with very little creativity and relentless self promotion.

          • Yeah…

  • Tommaso Gomez

    The internets are full of complaints about this shameless hack. He charges $4800 for his Black Sheep knockoff and $3900 for his “base” model that creeks like Huffy. Do not be fooled.

  • Seriously

    I found this while researching Paul B because of everything going on with Ello. He seems pretty sketchy. I can see his dodgy ethos bleeding into Ello. Hopefully people will this and drop Ello.