Bishop Bikes: Masanori’s Hydraulic Disc Di2 Road Frame Jul 8, 2014


It’s not every day you see a disc-ready road frame built entirely from steel. Usually, the client will spec a carbon fork and a 44mm head tube. Not on this bike though. The details overfloweth at the Bishop Bikes Flickr!

… and all I can focus on is the seat tube cluster!

  • Joe
  • Trevor H

    This is a spectacular and gorgeous frame. Can’t wait to see the full build, he posted some painted I-9 hubs on IG the other day that are destined fort his build.. I remember that stem from before as well…

  • recurrecur

    that’s just beautiful.
    That man seems to be able to speak in steel.

  • James Moore

    just unbelievable. just like i sad before, bishop always crafts incredible forks to go with their incredible frames. lovely paint scheme as well. just beautiful.

  • Guest


  • Raving Elk

    This is what I was waiting for! At last, a steel road bike with disk brakes.
    Can’t wait to see how it looks built up.

    But I have one question about compatibility issues of steel and disk brakes.
    Most road bikes with a carbon fork and disk brakes have a stiffness issue –
    the disk rubs on the pads while sprinting or climbing cause the fork is not stiff enough.
    Won’t those thin walled steel forks be even less stiff and cause even more disk rub than stock carbon forks?

    • My MTB has XT disc and a steel fork with a standard QR axle and I get no disc pad rubbing…

      • Raving Elk

        That just means your MTB fork is stiff enough.
        And it should be as it’s made of medium diameter round section tubes.
        I can’t tell, but cause it’s an mtb fork it might be made of thicker walled tubes as well.

        A thought that bothers me is that these presumably road tube forks are too light and thin
        at the ends (where the disk mount is) to be as stiff as your MTB for example.

        I’m basing this assumption based on mid level carbon forks on stock cross bikes.
        And on the fact that smaller diameter tubes are less stiff.

        • I’d say Chris knows how to spec the appropriate tubing.