Andy’s Concorde Squadra PDM Road with Campagnolo

Andy White of FYXO has a pretty decent bicycle collection, ranging from some Australian pedigree, to classic Italian, carbon madness and bikes like this immaculate Concorde Squadra with a mix of Campagnolo.

Most of Andy’s bikes are obvious choices but this one stood out as being a bit different…

So I asked him why, out of all the bikes on this Earth, did he spend so much time building up a Concorde Squadra PDM? Nothing against these frames, they’re immaculate! His answer “Because I wanted to do Concorde PDM FYXO bidons.”

That’s dedication to the cause…

  • adanpinto

    Dutch bike, made in Italy and I believe painted in Belgium…I had one, they are beautiful bikes.

  • ChirstianWisdom

    They used Cinelli lugs?

  • William Maubert Tuco Gulliver

    Beautiful bikes. Made by Ciocc.

  • velomonkey

    We were just watching “slaying the badger” the other night and you see a few shots of riders from the PDM team and I had to look up what bikes they rode as they were so cool – and now look at this – perfect. These guys and then the Word Perfect dark blue with chrome straight forks were great 80s to early 90s pro peleton bikes.

  • Mark Zeelenberg

    Concorde did not fabricate frames. Frames were made in compliance with the specifications involved in other manufacturers, such as Billato and Ciöcc. The frames of higher quality often came from Italy. The other frames were often imported from Belgium or the USA. Building of the bikes took place at Veltec in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands.
    2009 was the last year that Concordes were sold. Veltec itself went bankrupt In 2012.

  • Blake

    Mine’s a 1990 that I built up with period Campag Chorus, Cinelli, and an aged Brooks. Love it…

  • Dylan Hrycyshen

    Wow this is a stunner. Just found a Concorde Aquila with stock Campy Record groupset. Loving this bike the more I research it. (Did you change your Victory brake levers to be able to wrap your wires under the bar tape)? Enjoying the clean look, debating to keep original top wires or wrap underneath. Beautiful bikes!