44 Bikes: A Hunstman to Commute or Shred Jul 22, 2014

rkopald_front1 copy

While N+1 may be the theme around here these days (so many bikes!), I love seeing projects like this coming from the 44 Bikes workshop. Murdered-out cross bikes with disc brakes and SRAM Force 11-speed look great, especially with big tires for shredding, but let’s be honest, there’s no sense in forgetting that these bikes make great commuters as well.

See more photos below and thanks to Kris from 44 Bikes for sending this project over!





  • Weird question with such an awesome bike, but any idea what the fenders are?

    • Jake Brown

      They’re Honjo.

    • Thanks for the kind words. This build helps to highlight that versatility that many clients come to me to attain. These are Honjo’s 40mm Smooth Fenders with the stock hardware kit sourced from Merry Sales. I’ve bobbed about 5″ off the rear fender, then finished that end again to match the original (this side is mounted on the chainstays so it’s hidden from view) and they have been powdered to match the frame and rear rack by the good folks at Rev Limit Auto in Merrimack, NH using a satin powder named “Black Magic”. It changes a tad depending on the light source and often has a slight deep blue tint in low light.

      • That’s some awesome detail right there. Thanks for the reply!

  • movemint

    The look like painted (powder coated) Velo Orange fenders; he cut them shorter though. Ask Kris, I think he would probably tell you. http://store.velo-orange.com/index.php/accessories/fenders/vo-37mm-aluminum-polished-smooth-fenders.html